WebView API Test Page

Connection Tests Automatic

Reservation Ad

Auction Ad

Click on the AdChoices links and make sure they work.

Video Ad

Make sure the ad:

Performance Tests Automatic

Tests for both third party and first party cookies, which help improve ad relevance and performance.

Performance and Click Behavior Tests Manual

Ensure your users have the best experience and your ads have the best performance by testing click behavior. You’ll want to ensure that clicks on all ad types perform the action the advertiser intended and that the user can find their way back to your page. If you’re hosting an H5 game in this WebView, we recommend overriding the click behavior so that your user’s game state is preserved while browsing the advertiser's site or app.

After clicking on each link below, check that the timer does not reset upon your return to the page.

target="_top" target="_blank"
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